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Ice Warrior Treated Salt



Ice Warrior Bulk Treated Salt is a proprietary blend formulated to
melt ice and snow rapidly. Enhanced with magnes
ium chloride,
corrosion inhibitor, anti caking agent and green color indic


IBG Magic Treated Salt

BG Magic Salt, a highly effective ice melting product. By applying IBG Magic Salt directly onto paved surfaces, ice and snow will not bond, black ice is eliminated, will not degrade or corrode vehicles, and slip and falls are reduced.

Treated Salt.jpeg

Cutting Edge Pro Powermelt +

Cutting Edge Pro PowerMelt + is a proprietary formula made from a three-way blend of sodium chloride crystals infused with calcium chloride and potassium chloride, creating an ice melt solution that is safer for people, property and pets that melts at up to -12 degrees Fahrenheit. A non-magnesium product, Cutting Edge Pro PowerMelt + is specially formulated with a corrosion inhibitor to reduce damage to concrete and property. It also contains an anti-caking agent and is coated with a green color indicator to ensure cost effective, even dispersion.


Magnesium Chrloride Pellets

MAG is extracted from the Dead Sea by the natural evaporation of seawater and a simple refinement process and is safer for people, pets and the environment due to low toxicity.

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